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Green walls are essentially vertical gardens that can attach to either the inside or outside of a wall and are slightly different from other designs, utilising plants such as climbing ivy or clematis, in that the plant material is actually rooted in the wall fixing itself. In other words, the plants don’t grow up from the ground but grow out of the fixture, gaining their nourishment from the soil in it.

These walls are becoming increasingly popular due to:

  • Innovative use of previously unused spaces
  • Design flexibility
  • Environmental benefits including improved air quality and reduced pollution
  • Habitat creation and increased biodiversity
  • Heat regulation
  • Potential use in Net biodiversity gain 

There are a few different types of Green Wall as per the illustration below.


Exmples of Fixing systems are shown below:



The finest examples of Green Walls

One of the tallest green walls in the world is found in London at the Athenaeum Hotel, designed by artist and researcher Patrick Blanc.
If you want to see the design possibilities of living walls then take a look at the entrance area for the LG Arena in Birmingham.
Another of Patrick Blanc’s creations, this time further afield, is Les Halles in Avignon, France.


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