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Thinking about a Green roof, then talk to us at Organeco where we can dicuss your options in terms of design and installation.

We only work the best and most experienced contractors that comply with the GRO Codes of practice to ensure you as our client get the best service.


There are many ecological benefits when creating a green roof. The benefits are usually increased with greater substrate depths – the benefits associated with installing shallower, extensive green roofs are on the whole far more modest than those offered by intensive ones due to the smaller range of vegetation that can be grown, the reduction of water retention and many other factors.


Its imortant for clients to understand that Green roofs can be low maintenance, not NO maintenance! Any installation should have a regular maintenance program put in place after completion, or its highly likely to fail and given the large investment, these costs must be considered to keep your roof looking at its best. 



Benefits of green roofs include


  • Lower the carbon footprint due to reduced heating and air conditioning usage.
  • Adding mass and thermal resistance value.
  • Reducing the urban heat island effect. 
  • Stabilises the air around roof-mounted solar panels
  • Creation of habitats for local flora and fauna.
  • Be used in Net Biodiversity Gain metrics
  • Provide green space for people to enjoy
  • Absorption of Carbon dioxide and other pollutants
  • Potential to grow fruit and veg for consumption
  • Potential for installation of rooftop beehives
Photo: Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

Further benefits include

  • Noise protection.  
  • Green roofs can help ensure that new developments are designed to adapt to climate change..
  • Biodiverse roofs using local seed mixes and species listed in local BAPs
  • Contributing to BREEAM calculations

Green Roof case study

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