Wildflower Meadows

Wildflower meadows offer a diverse, and typically exceptionally attractive, habitat for the pleasure of young and old alike.

The twentieth century saw a sharp decrease in the variety of wildflowers in the UK countryside. This was due to changes in agricultural policy and modern farming practices, in particular, increased field drainage and increased herbicide use, and the growth of housing development expanding into the countryside. 

In recent years we have seen a renewed interest in wildflower habitats has grown with concerns for biodiversity protection and augmentation. Coupled with this concern has been increasing interest in the restoration of old, mismanaged wildflower meadows and the creation of new meadows. 


Allowing more open habitats such as wildflower meadows in urban settings for the provision of native or naturalised grasses, wildflowers and flowering plants offers several advantages:


Plant diversity attracts insects and other invertebrates, birds and mammals
Flowering species add a changing palate of colour to the urban environment throughout the seasons
Active involvement of the local community in managing the site
Opportunities for education and recreation 
Even small plots of wildflower planting can change the feel of a setting.

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