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The decision to launch Organeco Ltd after spending 25 years+ in conservation and land management was not something we took lightly. It took a lot of soul searching, discussions and sleepless nights to decide on the best approach.


Along the way we asked questions such as :

Do we try to compete in an already crowded 'Ecology consultants' space or do we look at an alternative model? Should we just focus on the UK or look overseas for opportunities as well? How do we best use the talent and knowledge we have?


On the back of these discussions 'Organeco' was launched, with the aim to be a one stop shop for biodiversity and sustainability advice and consulting. Since launching we have worked with a number of clients on projects including: Invasive weed management, developinhg green initiatives for a commercial company that led to a Green Apple award for the client and providing various on line training sessions etc etc.


At Organeco we pride ourselves in working with a talented pool of freelance consultants and experts (when needed) in their field and this allows us to provide assistance on projects where combined knowledge is required.


2022 is already starting to look positive with new partnerships being formed in the areas of sustainable tourism and environmental education, Organeco becoming a member of the FAO Mountain Partnership and persuing an interest in the use of AI and data science within conservation and land management.

Meet the Director

Passionate entomologist, problem solver and a people person with 25+ years of Industry experience.

Strong background in land management, conservation, and training. 

Paul has been working in the environmental and sustainability sector since graduating from Newcastle University with a BSc (Hons) in Agricultural and environmental science in 1992. He started off his working life as a countryside ranger in North Wales and subsequently moved into environmental survey and then land management. Paul qualified as a teacher in 1996 and since has continued working in both the environmental and education sectors, obtaining an MSc in Conservation and Land Management from the University of Wales (Bangor) in 2008. Previous roles include Head of Learning  / Faculty at two land-based colleges, renewable energy trainer specialising in the biobased sector and various roles within the landscaping and countryside management sectors.


Paul is an IUCN Commission member, on the commission for ecosytem management (CEM), a voluntary conservation officer for the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum. Paul is also a Fellow of the Linnean Society


Specialist areas


Biodiversity and Conservation

Invertebrate ecology / entomology

Land management

Sustainability and green thinking

Teaching and training

Sustainable development

Green infrastructure

Community engagement / CSR


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