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Environmental education allows individuals to explore a wide range of environmental issues and connect to nature. As a result, individuals can discover a deeper understanding of environmental issues and a sense of belonging. Connecting to nature through activities such as mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in individuals of all ages and introduces concepts and techniques that can be used in everyday life..



Objectives of environmental education include:




Skills and capacity building





At Organeco we work with schools, colleges and other education providers to develop pathways for learning through environmental education. This includes;


Working with schools and teachers across the KS1 - 4 curriculum to embed environmental education into learning objectives
Providing INSET training days for educational staff on environmental education
Working with schools to develop environmental educational material linked to the curriculum 
Providing training workshops for Governors and SMT members on the importance of environmental education
Environmental education through STEM workshops
Environmental education and sustainable development goals
Mindfulness and connecting to nature workshops
Practical days such as building a school garden, vegetable growing, etc.


Please contact us to discuss how environmental education can be embedded into your school or college.



Outdoor Education and connection to nature is key to to mental health & wellbeing

Understanding plant growth and the elements needed to sustain it

Nuturing young minds and forming connections to our natural world

Sharrow School case study




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