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In-house and public training forms a core part of our work at Organeco.  Along with providing several ‘off the peg’ introductory courses, we have the expertise to design and implement bespoke courses for our clients and tailor the aims and learning outcomes to their requirements.


Core ’introductory’ courses for 2021


Towards Net Zero - This one day course aims to demystify the Net Zero agenda and aims to answer questions such as "what is net zero?", "why is it important?' and what is the business case for engaging with the net zero agenda. The course is aimed at SMEs who are unsure about the net zero concept and what opportunities there are for businesses / what the challenges are. 


Introduction to sustainability – This one-day course covers the basic definitions of sustainability, a look at the four pillars of sustainability, introduction to the UN sustainable development goals, greenwashing (what is it and how to avoid it) and implementing a sustainability policy.


Writing a sustainability policy – This half-day course looks at how to write and publish a sustainability policy (aimed at SMEs but can be tailored to suit any business)


Developing a sustainability champion program – Sustainability champions form a key role in promoting the ethos of sustainability both within a company and to external stakeholders. This highly interactive course goes through the basics of why sustainability champions are important, how to engage with staff, the development of a training program, roles of a sustainability champion and finally developing a PR strategy around the role of a sustainability champion.


Introduction to sustainable development goals (SDGs) – This half-day course looks at the background behind the development of the SDGs, what the SDGs are and how SDGs can be linked to company sustainability policies


Understanding sustainable development - This three-day course takes a more in-depth look at sustainability (compared to our 'Introduction to sustainability) combining both theory, practical exercises, case studies and interactive discussions. 




Typical areas where we can develop bespoke training courses for clients include:



Sustainable development.

Health and wellbeing/mindfulness

CSR and sustainability transparency.

Participatory development.

Practical land management.

Train the trainer.



The training team is fronted by Organeco Director Paul Cawsey, a qualified teacher/trainer with experience in delivering corporate courses to a variety of audiences in countries as diverse as the UK, the Netherlands to Vietnam, to South Africa and in developing courses at Further and Higher education levels in the UK.

 For your bespoke training requirements please

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