Our Partnerships

Partnerships are an essential part of what we do as a company and we are always open to discussing potential partnerships and projects with a range of companies and individuals. Please contct us to dicuss potential partnerships.

The Landscape Academy

We are working in partnership with the Landscape Academy to develop courses that incorprate sustainability and biodiversity enhancements within the landscape and garden design sector. Along side this, we ae looking at developing a connect to nature project based in the Chester area. Further information regarding the course and the Landscape academy can be found here.

Lukango Tree Conservancy - Uganda


"LuTreeCo's goal is to conserve all tree and shrub species native to East, Central and West Africa, focusing on the most threatened. We are creating one of the most species-rich man-made forests and seed-banks in Africa, and a large nursery equipped to grow and mass produce the plant that we preserve for Research, Education and Conservation purposes.

 We are members of Botanical Gardens Conservation International


ANIMONDIAL is a consultancy specialising in animal and nature protection through tourism. Daniel Turner, co-Director of ANIMONDIAL, has been at the forefront of animal protection policy development and delivery for over 20 years, whilst Helen Usher, co-Director of ANIMONDIAL, has created and led award-winning social impact partnerships. Together they provide impartial advice and practical guidance to inform, inspire and empower travel businesses to better protect animals and nature in their operations through risk mitigation, implementation of animal protection safeguards, and community-based conservation. https://animondial.com/



SponsorHut is a sponsorship network with a focus of helping individuals, teams, charities and events who are looking for sponsorship find buinesses who are looking to sponsor. At SponsorHut there is no team or individual too small and the service is designed to work for anyone, everyone is cateed for, regardless of available budget. SponsorHut also helps businessess find opportunities for meeting Corporate Social Responsibility targets. Businesses can search through ads posted byteams, charities and other organisations and easily negotiate opportunities. Businesses can also posttheir own ads offering volunteer servicesfor both team building and for CSR opportunities.


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