Ellen Massey , Forum Packaging, Horncastle, Lincs

" Keith and Paul were an absolute pleasure to work with and had so many wonderful ideas to implement around our site at Forum Packaging. It was inspiring to hear about the simple things we can do to become a more sustainable business and improve the biodiversity and overall appearance of our site. The wildflower meadow and insect hotels have not only attracted a diverse range of insects and birds but have also created a wow-factor at the entrance to our business. I am so excited to see it flourish over time and become even more vibrant and beautiful! "

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Jim Adamson , Operations Manager , Sonnic Support Soloutions, Guernsey

" Following a Client’s request for external audits and reporting on their commercial site, we contacted Keith and Paul at Organeco. Time was of the essence and the quote was on my desk and onto our client very quickly. Once signed off, we arranged Keith to fly over on a consultancy basis. Guernsey is a Crown dependency with its own laws that differ to mainland UK, but Organeco did their homework and contacted all the relevant authorities prior to visiting our Island, which in turn made theirs and our jobs so much easier.   Keith produced very detailed and thorough reports, including Japanese knotweed, visual tree condition report and a site risk assessment profile report (H&S).   A report highlighting risk is one thing but coupled with detailed action required and recommended completes the picture and gives us vital info to obtain quotes. This was proved when our Arb contractor used Keith’s report to price the works giving him everything, he needed and more.   Our client was very impressed with the final reports and the depth of information contained within.   Keith also went above and beyond by spending time with us as a business and suggesting other revenue streams from additional service lines to our existing clients and introducing us to a smartphone app that facilitates accurate reporting.   So given the extra revenue gained and a happy client, I would have no problem in recommending Keith and Paul to anyone. "

Miranda Munday MCIHort, MPGCA Director at HM Gardens  London

" Keith is incredibly knowledgeable and an asset to any commercial business, dealing with contractors on the ground to high-level contracts and negotiations. From landscaping to arb, contract details to health and safety, he has lived and breathed the Land-based industries for over 20yrs, his experience shows and nothing phases him.  I am very privileged to have known him these past few years."

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